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We’re a company expert in fabrication of LPG nozzle. We’re leaders in quality and innovation for what concerns LPG nozzle with Dish coupling.

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LPG nozzles are an excellent quality Italian product. The full range of products is the result of more than 65 years of background

54»21 SERIES

54»21 Series includes new LPG nozzle that is practical and durable, as well as suitable with almost all dispensers around the world. This excellent product is the result of 65 years of experience in the field.

54»21 SERIES

HQ Series

The nozzle is produced entirely in Italy into LPG Group establishments with high quality materials. It’s designed to obtain maximum efficiency and to ensure the highest level of safety.

HQ Series

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54»21 Series

54»21 Series has unique features. Both the Nozzle and the Pullaway could be used on almost all dispensers. This series is studied to be practical, durable and easy to use.


High resistance

54»21 nozzle is resistant and durable due to the steel flow tube inside and technical rubber covers in external parts.

Advanced technology

54»21 nozzle is light but durable, as well as ergonomic and with an original design because of the combination of technopolymers, steel and technical rubber

Renewed mechanics

New mechanics reduce gas release during the nozzle unlocking and increase durability of the product. At the same time, this new mechanics can reduce maintenance requirements.



54»21 nozzle is practical to use because of light weight, ergonomic surface as well as new system of valve and levers.


54»21 nozzle was designed to be built on almost every gas stations. The client can choose parts in order to adapt the nozzle to dispenser.


Materials and design make 54»21 nozzle durable and easy to maintain.


New system of 54»21 pullaway allows to reconnect mechanically two parts and to interrupt gas flow.

Unhook parts

Unhooking parts are made of anti-friction technopolymer in order to prevent cohesion and ensure that the product works.


The cover is made of resistant technopolymer. It’s able to protect every parts form bad atmospheric conditions

Immediate closure of the flow

When the pullaway is separated, the system can block immediately the flow of gas.

Less weight

The system is safer because of the less weight of pullaway.

Internal spare parts

Internal spare parts are made of aluminium, steel and brass. These materials make the system strong.


The nozzle is produced entirely in Italy into LPG Group establishments with high quality materials. It's designed to obtain maximum efficiency and to ensure the highest level of safety.


Sleeves are available for every nation

Unhook system

It allows to disconnect the nozzle from the cargo jack with a simple movement of a finger


Aluminium, brass, NBR and nylon. They ensure a high resistance keeping a value for money.

Connection to car’s cargo jack

3 RADIAL HAMMERS with increased hooking area on cargo jack. This system is safer than the one with 3 radial hammers.


Easy and programmable. It can be carried out by one of your operators and it will maintain your nozzle perfectly efficient and safe.

Release of LPG

Extremely low during disconnection


LPG equipment are made with high quality materials in order to obtain maximum efficiency and to ensure the highest level of safety. Equipments are designed and produces in Italy, and they enable you to make the most performances of LPG nozzles produced and distributed by LPG GROUP.

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