LPG 800 Series HQ Nozzles for LPG with Italian-DISH

The series is composed by 90 models

Type of coupling: ITALIAN DISH 

Hooking on car taken over: 3 RADIAL HAMMERS with increased hooking area on car taken over in more safe way.

Release system: UNHOOKING SYSTEM it allows disconnect the nozzle from the taken over with a simply movement of a finger.

Materials: aluminium, brass, NBR and nylon. They ensure a high resistance keeping a value for money. 

Available colours: black, blue, red, yellow, green.

Sleeve: available for nation of use.

Maintenance: Easy and programmable. It can be carried out by one of your operators  and it will maintain your nozzle perfectly efficient and safe.

Release of LPG: extremely low during disconnection. 

Optional: lever for housing in nozzle boot of the NBL Series.

Instructions for mounting the plate holder

Lubricate the nozzles
weekly at the points indicated, with chain oil, to keep it in perfect condition of working. This procedure will quadruplicate the nozzles life.


  • CE
  • PT

Available colours