LPG 700 Series HQ Nozzles for LPG with Italian-DISH

The series is composed by 6 models

Type of coupling: ITALIA-DISH

Release system: UNHOOKING SYSTEM it allows disconnect the nozzle from the taken over with a simply movement of a finger.

Available colours: black plastic and body
with an aluminium sleeve.

Materials: aluminium, brass, NBR and nylon. They ensure a high resistance keeping a value for money.

Maintenance: easy and programmable.

It can be carried out by one of your operators and it will maintain your nozzle perfectly efficient and safe.

Safety: “FOOLPROF SYSTEM” block the release
of gas if the nozzle is correctly hooked on car taken over. The system allows a perfect alignement between
the parts (attack-taken over) by keeping the gas inside and by avoiding a discomfort for the operator.

Release of LPG: extremely low during disconnection.

Optional: lever for housing in nozzle boot
of the NBL Series.


  • CE
  • PT

Available colours